International cooperation, attraction of foreign universities and research institutions, foreign scientists to joint research


There are international projects in collaboration with foreign scientists in the laboratory:

  • International Project on NATO program "Science for Peace and Security» (PDD SPS - ESP.EAP.SFP 983995) "Assessment of transboundary water pollution in Central Asia." Collaborators: Norway, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Amount of financing: 26.3 mln tenge
  • Kazakh-Russian research project "Development of clean technology ultrasonic extraction of crude oil and bitumen." Projects under the program "Intergovernmental cooperation and international scientific and technical programs and projects." Partner: Institute of General and inorganic chemistry im.N.S.Kurnakova RAS. Amount of financing: 2.7 mln. tenge.
  • The project «High sulfate resistant ecologically clean portlandtcement». Employer С.Т.G. S.p.A (Bergamo, Italy) – 4 mln. tenge.


Laboratory cooperate with manufacturers of analytical instruments and their regional representatives (JEOL-«Interactive Corporation», Japan), «Shimadzu» (Japan). Leading experts of these companies regularly based TEPRL seminars and workshops for scientists, master's degree and PhD students, laboratory specialists.


There were seminars and workshops at the laboratory in 2012:

Shimpey Takachashi  – lead manager of the «Interactive Corporation»;

Batrakov A. – Head of Kazakh representation of the firm «Interactive Corporation».


Also specialists of  TEPRL were conducted seminars and workshops:

Polyakov Alexey Eugenevich,
1. X-ray spectrometers and diffractometers
2. Testing machines and laser particle size analyzer
3. TOC laboratory analyzers
Tsupreva Victoriya Nikolaevna,
1. Molecular Spectroscopy
2. Atomic absorption and ICP spectrometers
Borisova Tatyana Grigorevna, cand. ch.s.
1. Liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
2. Gas chromatography and chromatography-mass spectrometry