Realization of the Program of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan requires an active participation of domestic university science in innovative modernization of national economy. President Nazarbayev N.A. sets a mission for Kazakhstan’s scientists “to be geared to creation radical or none the worse absolute innovations improving the quality of people life”.

Such innovation development is based on progressive knowledge generating, transition to new scientific thinking and formation of the most up-to-date research platform. Foundation of national and regional laboratories of engineering direction in leading national universities is the first step in the platform formation.

The regional laboratory of engineering profile «Constructive and biochemical materials» at M. SKSU is a modern scientific center performing research in the field of constructive and composite materials, alloys, organic and inorganic materials, nanotechnology, food, agricultural, pharmaceutical and  ecological bioengineering, chemistry of rare-earth metals etc. Laboratory facilities equipped with research devices of new generation allow carrying out deep scientific research at world science up-to-date achievement level. Due to that, the scientists have a possibility to participate in international research project fulfillment, to test wide range products, to realize scientific-technical projects and programs for national and foreign companies. This becomes the firm foundation for effective integration of science, education and manufacture.

Zh. Myrkhalykov, rector of M. Auezov SKSU


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